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Long Range.   State-of-the-Art
The pure electric BREMACH is designed to travel some 200 miles on a single charge.  As a practical matter,
commercial drivers and operators of the BEV T-REX will have a range of between 75 and 150 miles, in accordance with the vehicle application. 

Large Battery Bank.
Instant Torque.
Long Distance.
30,000 Mile Warranty.
The T-Rex is equipped with a large battery bank of stored energy, the 100% electric T-REX is especially well suited for applications where secondary electrical power – auxiliary power – is needed (a need historically met by idling a large diesel ICE engine, which is both expensive and polluting). 

At 100kW, the BEV T-REX is designed to power both the vehicle over the course of its daily duty-cycle, as well as a host of such secondary equipment running on 10-30AMP lines and needing much electricity on their own accord.

One of the biggest differences between traditional gas powered vehicles and full electric is the instant torque.
BREMACH’s hybrid T-REX, BEV’s motor offers drivers “instant torque.”  And together with the T-REX’s standard 4x4 and hauling and towing ability…this advanced EV motor allows the truck to outperform many heavier (and more expensive) ICE trucks in a host of vocations. 

Such range of a regularly well over 100 miles on a BEV T-REX is made possible by the 100kWs of advanced lithium-ion iron batteries is a very large pack. Your T-REX (at not much over 10,000 GVWR, on average) being a relatively “light” medium-duty truck (especially given its frame’s 6TON carrying capacity)A state-of-the-art battery management system (BMS) governing the powertrainLiterally one of the most powerful and efficient EV motors in the world

Prior to the release of the vehicle more information as to this powertrain (battery chemistry, stock unit cost, pack warranty, vehicle options, etc) will be disclosed at or prior to the formal launch of the truck line.  However, this powertrain will have at least a three (3) year, 30,000 mile warranty.

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BREMACH is a new automotive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in California offering certified Medium-Duty advanced 4x4 trucks with all-electric,gasoline, hybrid and LNG/CNG powertrains.This high-tech vehicle manufacturer is based out of Chino, California, a regionof increasing import as to the Alternative Fuel Vehicle and other industries. BREMACH spent considerable time and resources quietly researching, developing, and testing DMV-plated lithium-ion prototype vehicles on California's highways. The result of this work is the current T-REX truck line.

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